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Easy 5 Minute Installation
with No Freight Car Modification Required to Install


Patent Pending     Model# EOT-33 Shown

EOT Features

  • HO Scale

  • Ready to Run

  • No Wiring Required

  • DCC or Analog Compatible

  • Continuous Operation with DCC

  • Exceptional Detail including Antenna, Carry Handle, Red Reflector, and More

  • Prototypically Accurate Size

  • Prototypically Accurate Flash Rate and Time

  • Low Rolling Friction

  • No Batteries Required

  • Fits Most Train Cars

  • Integrated Electronics

  • #5 Coupler Included


  • Does not Affect Freight Car Load Load can be Installed or Removed!

  • Black Metal Wheels

  • Prototypically Accurate Exponential Curve in Wheel Face

  • Made in USA


Typical Installations

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EOT's with 33" Wheels Typical Installations

Well Car without Load

Well Car with Load

Auto Carrier

Auto Carrier Side View

Spine Car without Load

Spine Car with Load

Flat Car without Load

Flat Car with Load

Flat with Ends
EOT's with 36" Wheels Typical Installations

Tank Car

Box Car

Cement Car

Gondola Car

Coal Car Side View

Cylindrical Hopper

Depressed Center Flat

Depressed Side View

Coil Car
EOT's with 33" Wheels and Long Wires
 Typical Installations

89' Flat without Load

89' Flat with Load

Auto Carrier**

Center Beam without Load

Center Beam with Load

86' Box Car

** Auto Carrier was originally equipped with 28" wheels.

      Please note some pictures in this table are of EOTs with of our original wheels.

Take a look inside to see the advance electronic and mechanical design that makes the EOT operate without flickering.  The EOT also works well on even moderately dirty and slightly uneven track.

Truck is upside down and cover removed to show electronics.
Patent Pending

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Installation Instructions



Ready to Run End of Train Devices

EOT- 33
33" wheels
Standard Wire Length
Price $44.95


Model# EOT- 36
36" wheels
Standard Wire Length
Price $44.95



Model# EOT-33-LW
33" wheels
Long Wire Length

Price $44.95



EOT- 33-Y
33" wheels
Standard Wire Length
Price $44.95


Model# EOT- 36-Y
36" wheels
Standard Wire Length
Price $44.95



Model# EOT- 33-LW-Y
33" wheels
Long Wire Length

Price $44.95



Matching Trucks for EOTs
Below are the  matching trucks for the EOTs.   Use these trucks for the front truck on your End of Train Freight Car.  These trucks have no electronics or wires but match the truck used to build the EOTs.

Model # TRK-33
Matching Truck for EOT-33 and EOT-33-LW
Price $7.45



Model # TRK-36
Matching Truck for EOT-36
Price $7.45



Truck Features

  • Prototypically Accurate Exponential Curve in Wheel Face

  • Machined Metal Wheels for True Running

  • Machined Axles for True Running

  • Metal Axle Tips for Less Rolling Friction

  • Non-Magnetic

  • Wheels are made from all Electrically Conductive Materials

  • Matches our End of Train Device Wheels


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