Each model is individually serial numbered and comes with a registration certificate to verify its authenticity.

PPW-ALine is an Authorized Dealer for Classic Construction Model.
* Limited edition
* Licensed by Caterpillar Inc.
* 100% brass construction
* Exact 1:87 scale & Individually serial numbered

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  777D Fuel/Lube Truck

Now accepting reservations for a new exclusive item from Zycon Models. This is a model of a Klein Mining Fuel & Lube truck based on a Caterpillar 777D chassis. The model will be of all brass construction and available in yellow or mine white. Production is strictly limited to 150 yellow units and 50 white. Models are made with the permission of Klein Products Inc. and Caterpillar Tractor Co. and will be built exclusively for Zycon Models by Classic Construction Models. The two previous custom run Klein/Caterpillar projects from Zycon sold out before delivery so order yours early!! Additional Prototype photos click here.

Cat 633E-02.jpg (329444 bytes) 633E

The Caterpillar 633E Scraper model features rubber tires, hydraulic cylinders that stroke, articulated steering and detail as minute as lug nuts on the wheels. Finished in authentic Caterpillar colors and markings, this model perfectly replicates the newest scraper to be manufactured by Caterpillar.

Cat 777D-02.jpg (151039 bytes) 777D
Off-Highway Truck

The Cat® 777D Off-Highway Truck model features a detailed cab, twin body hoists to raise and lower the dump box and authentic rubber tires. The real Cat 777D Off-Highway Truck is designed to offer high production and low cost-per-ton hauling in off-highway applications. A Cat eight-cylinder turbocharged 3508B engine provides one thousand gross horsepower to power this 100-ton capacity machine.

Cat 797-02.jpg (141325 bytes) 797
Mining Truck

"It's all there." There is simply no better way to describe the level of detail on our all brass, 1:87 scale Cat® 797 Mining Truck. If you can see it on the real machine, you will find it on this model. Our truck features a detailed cab, twin body hoists to raise and lower the dump box, authentic rubber tires, steerable front wheels, and an incredibly detailed engine and drive train. As for the real machine, it is incredible in its own right. With an operating weight of 1,314,000 pounds and a payload capacity of over 360 tons, the 797 is the largest mechanical drive mining truck in the world. It measures 23 feet from the road to the top of the dump bed and just over 47 feet in total length. This huge vehicle is powered by a 24 cylinder diesel engine that produces an amazing 3,400 gross horsepower.

Cat 953C-02.jpg (139143 bytes) 953C
Track Loader

The Caterpillar 953C Track Loader model is of museum quality, demonstrates exceptional attention to detail, and is authenticated by the project engineers who work on the real machine. Each model prominently features authentic Z-bar linkage, a detailed undercarriage, a multipurpose movable bucket with hydraulic lines and working lift arms.

Cat 992G-02.jpg (143555 bytes) 992G
Wheel Loader

The Cat® 992G Wheel Loader is built to exact 1:87 (HO) scale and is hand assembled from numerous investment cast and etched brass parts. The model features a detailed operator's station, a movable bucket, a boom that raises and lowers, hydraulic lines, rubber tires and full articulation. The real Cat 992G Wheel Loader presents a new standard for wheel loader productivity, serviceability and styling. A Cat 3508B engine provides one thousand three hundred seventy five gross horsepower to power this 206,783 pound machine.

Cat AP-1055B-02.jpg (140563 bytes) AP-1055B

The Cat AP-1055B Paver model features movable hoppers, a detailed undercarriage and operator's station, as well as a fully detailed "Pavemaster B Screed Model 10B." The real Cat AP-1055B Paver machine features a new concept in paving suspensions: the Caterpillar Mobil-trac system. This unique suspension provides the flotation and traction benefits of a crawler system along with the ride quality of a wheeled paver. This allows the Cat AP-1055B Paver to be used on the soft sandy subbases of new road construction as well as on the solid surfaces encountered in resurfacing projects.

Cat D250E-02.jpg (146341 bytes) D-250E
Articulated Truck

The Caterpillar*1 D250E Series II Articulated Truck model is hand assembled from dozens of individually cast and etched brass parts. Every model is built to exact 1:87 scale. Features of the model include articulated steering, rubber tires, a working dump body and a detailed cab and undercarriage. Each model is hand painted in Caterpillar yellow and black and finished with accurate Caterpillar graphics.

Cat IT28G-02.jpg (136403 bytes) IT-28G
Integrated Tool Carrier

The Caterpillar® IT28G Integrated Toolcarrier is designed by skilled craftsmen, working from computer generated engineering drawings and meticulously hand assembled from dozens of individual brass pieces. Finished in authentic colors with accurate markings, this model perfectly replicates the newest Toolcarrier from Caterpillar. Features on this prototypical model include precise detail, rubber tires, movable bucket, working hydraulic cylinders, true articulated movement, windows and windshield wipers.

Cat PM 465-02.jpg (124118 bytes) PM-465
Cold Planer
Sold Out

The Caterpillar® PM-465 Cold Planer features exceptional attention to detail and all brass construction. It is museum quality. Each model is individually assembled from dozens of parts and is carefully hand painted and decaled in authentic Cat colors and markings. Features on this model include a multitooth rotor, movable (side to side) front loading conveyor belt with flexible hydraulic lines, a detailed operator's station and instrument panel, vented engine cover, water tank hatches, hatch cover handles and releases, realistic tracks and track frames, an access ladder and guardrails, as well as full undercarriage detail.

cat 583r-01.jpg (30872 bytes) 583R

Powered by a turbocharged, Cat 3406 six-cylinder diesel engine and capable of working in the roughest conditions imaginable, the Caterpillar 583R is without question the machine of choice for pipe laying companies around the world. The model is hand crafted from hundreds of individually investment cast, formed and etched solid brass parts, the 1:87 scale Cat 583R Pipelayer is simply without equal in the model world. Working double drums, positionable boom, extendable counterweight, complete engine detail, "hard bottom' track roller frame, individually linked free-rolling tracks and full operator controls are just a few of the museum quality details replicated with astounding precision on this legendary model.

Wheel Loader
The Machine
At 412,000 lbs. and with 1,375 gross horsepower, the Cat 994D is the largest in the extensive line of Caterpillar wheel loaders. Designed for maximum productivity, the 994D is loaded with innovations that enhance performance, reliability, and operator comfort. Inside, the cab is ergonomically designed for operator comfort, superior control and high productivity while outside the power train delivers smooth, responsive performance in tough conditions.

The Model - Both Models are the Coal Mining Bucket Version
Each Cat 994D Wheel Loader model is fully articulated, and features a detailed engine compartment, working bucket and a fully equipped operator's cab. Z-bar loader linkage, accurate power train components, hydraulic lines, roll over protection, rubber tires, ladders and guard rails are all accurately recreated. The second model in our line of 1:87 scale Cat Mining Equipment, the 994D is another remarkable demonstration of the close collaboration between Caterpillar Inc. and Classic Construction Models.

Wheel Loader

Track-Type Tractor (Dozer)

The Machine
The CAT D11R Track Type Tractor is the largest production tractor in the world. Power from its dual turbo-charged 935hp 3508B diesel engine is more than enough to push around 45 cubic yards of dirt in its twenty-foot blade or tear through rock with its seven-foot single shank extendable ripper.  An air-conditioned cab with ergonomic seat and finger tip controls create a comfortable working environment allowing operators to get full production out of this 115-ton Goliath.

The Model
Our hand built all brass 1:87 CAT D11R is one of the most detailed models ever produced at this scale. The entire design and production process was guided by the same drawings that are used to manufacture the real machine to ensure no part or detail was overlooked. From the six-way tilt 11U-Blade, positionable ripper and individually linked free-rolling brass tracks to the complete operator cab, glazed windows with wipers, visible engine compartment and accurate hydraulic lines it is safe to say, “There is no equal.”

Total production of the D11R is limited to 711 individually serial numbered and registered models. A limited number of these models will be available in mine white or anti-glare black paint schemes.

Track-Type Tractor (Dozer)

LinkBelt01.jpg (103301 bytes) Link-Belt LS-248H II Crane
LinkBelt02.jpg (25459 bytes)

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