When RPP decided to leave the business and sell its tooling, we had the opportunity to purchase all the remaining stock. There were varying quantities of each item. All the items listed in the Rail Power Products section on our website are what remains of this stock and will no longer be available from us when they run out.  We will try to keep this page up to date. However items & prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact us if you have any questions.
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Item # Description Price Shop
R430 SD90 Mac-H Shell UP no# $10.00

No Longer Available

R431 SD90 Mac-H Shell UP#8501 $10.00

R432 SD90Mac-H Shell UP #8514 $10.00

R500 C32-8 Shell $39.95

R501 C30-7 Shell $20.00

R502 SD60  Shell $20.00

R504 B23-7 Shell $20.00

R505 CF7 Shell round/Cab $27.00

R509 8-40B Shell $20.00

R510 8-40B Shell/Frame  

No Longer Available

R511 SD45 Shell $35.00

Out of Stock

R512 GP35 Shell. Dyn $27.00

R513 GP35 Shell Non/Dyn $27.00

R514 8-40CW Shell $12.00

R515 8-40CW Shell/Frame  

No Longer Available

R516 8-40CW Shell - ATSF $12.00

R517 8-40CW Shell/Frame ATSF  

No Longer Available

R518 SD60M Shell 2 Window $35.00


R520 SD60M Shell 3 Window $20.00

R522 SD7/9 Shell Dynamic $27.95

R524 SD7/9 Shell Non Dyn $27.00

R526 SD-45-2 Shell $20.00

R528 GP60 Shell $29.00


R530 GP60M Shell $35.00


R532 GP60B Shell $35.00


R534 9-44CW Shell $18.00

R535 9-44CW Shell w/Frame  

No Longer Available

R536 9-44CW Shell ATSF $18.00

R537 9-44CW Shell ATSF w/Frame  

No Longer Available

R538 SD40 Shell Dynamic $27.95

R539 SD40 Shell Non Dynamic $27.95

R542 SD38 Shell/Dynamic $20.00

R543 SD38 Shell Non Dynamic $20.00

R546 SD90Mac Shell $34.00

R547 SD90Mac Shell w/Frame  

No Longer Available

R548 SD90Mac Shell W/H Kit $37.00

R549 SD90Mac Shell w/Frame w/H Kit  

No Longer Available

R550 GP40X Shell $38.00


R552 SD90Mac-H Shell Phase 1 $34.00

R553 SD90Mac-H Shell Phase 1 with Frame  

No Longer Available


Item # Description Price Shop
R115 8-40B Frame $15.00

R119 CF7 Frame $15.00

R123 8-40CW Frame $10.00

R128 SD60/SD60M Frame $23.00

R131 SD7/9 Frame $15.00

R136 SD45-2 Frame $35.00

R139 GP60 & GP40X Frame $28.00

R140 9-44CW Frame $16.00

R146 SD45/40/38 Frame $35.00

R151 SD90Mac Frame $32.00


Item # Description Price Shop
R101 GE Dash 8 early exhaust $2.00

R102 GE Dash 7/8 Lrg. Exhaust $2.00

R103 GE Air Conditioner (older) $2.00

R105 EMD Exhaust Silencer $2.00

R106 EMD 106” Snoot Nose Kit $4.00

R107 Loco Brake Wheels $2.00

R108 SD60 Blower Housing (2) $2.00

R109 Boards C32-8 Type $2.00

R110 EMD Hood Cab Doors 3Pr. $2.00

R111 GE Air Conditioner Late $2.00

R112 GE Bath Tub Exhaust $2.00

R114 GE FB-2 Sideframes (Set of 4)

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R116 CF 7 Light/#Board/Boxes $3.00

R118 8-40B Air Tanks 1 set $2.00

R120 GP35 Dyn Brake/Fan $3.50

R121 GP35 Non Dyn Brake/Fan $3.50

R122 8-40CW +9-44CW Cab $3.00

R124 Container Braces for Athearn Impac (4) $2.00

R126 8-40CW/9-44CW Air Tanks $2.50

R127 8-40CW Air Conditioner $2.00

R129 8-40CW/9-44CW ATSF Cab $3.00

R132 SD7/9 half Fuel Tank $2.00

R133 SD7/9 Dyn Brak/Fans $3.00

R134 SD7/9 Non-Dyn Brake $3.00

R135 SD7/9 Air Tanks $2.00

R137 SD60M 3 Window Cab $4.95

R138 GP60M Cab $4.95

R141 9-44CW Air Conditioner $2.00

R142 9-44CW Exhaust $2.00

R143 9-44CW Hi/Ad Sideframes (Set of 4)

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R144 C32-8 Frt Anti Climbers $3.50

R145 1.5" Drive Shafts $2.00

R147 SD40 Dyn Brake/Fans $3.00

R148 SD40 Non Dynamic Brake $3.00

R149 SD38 Dynamic Brake/Fans $2.00

R150 SD38 Non Dynamic Brake $2.00

R152 SD90Mac Cab $3.00

R153 SD90MAC Air Tanks $2.00

R154 SD90MAC Radiator/Fans $6.50

R155 SD38 36" Fans $2.00

R156 GP60B Cab Unit/Dynamic Brake $3.00

R157 GP60 Cab $3.00

R158 GP60 Dynamic Brake Section $3.00

R159 GP60B Engine Roof Section $2.00

R160 SD90MAC "H" Kit $3.00

R161 GP40X "HTB" Sideframes (Set of 4)

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R162 8-40B Cab & Number Boards $4.50

R163 SD90 Radiator Grilles (1 Set) $2.00

R164 8-40CW Parts Set $3.00

R165 9-44CW Parts Set $3.00

R166 SD45 Parts Set $3.00

R167 GP60B Parts Set $3.95

R168 GP60 Parts Set $3.95

R169 GP40X Parts Set $3.95

R170 GP60M Parts Set $3.95

R171 GP60 Anti Climbers $3.50

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