If poor performance is ailing your HO scale diesel locomotive fleet, re-powering may be the best solution. The installation of a high quality can motor, precision machined brass flywheels and improved electrical contacts will provide impressive results:

. More power
. Smoother starting and stopping
. More realistic speeds
. Less current draw
. Improved reliability
. Improved multiple unit compatibility

Each easy-to-install A-Line Diesel Repowering Kit includes a Mashima flat can motor, precision machined brass flywheels (Athearn coupling installed on each flywheel), flexible electrical hook-up wire and electrical connectors.

Item # Picture Description Price Shop
70321 Fits all Athearn units (except SW's, GP38, 40 &50), all Rail Power Products units, Life Like and Model Power F40PH, Front Range GP7/GP9, Mantua GP20, Lionel/Bachmann GP30, Model Power Con-Cor, Rivarossi and Cary E-units, Cary F3 and FT, Bachmann F-9 $60.95

70322 Fits all Athearn units (except SW's, GP38, 40 &50), all Rail Power Products units, Life Like and Model Power F40PH, Front Range GP7/GP9, Mantua GP20, Lionel/Bachmann GP30, Model Power Con-Cor, Rivarossi and Cary E-units, Cary F3 and FT, Bachmann F-9

Can motor with hex flywheels installed, size 18 mm X 38 mm

1200 RPM, motor mount,
PC Board mount,
pair Universal Hex Drive couplings

80321 Fits Athearn S12, SW7/SW1500 $60.95

90321 Fits Athearn GP38,40 &50, Train Miniature FA, Stewart RS3 $60.95

90322 Fits Athearn GP38,40 &50, Train Miniature FA, Stewart RS3

Kit includes: Motor, Flywheels, Hook-up wiring, & Cradle Weight

Item # Picture Description - Fits: Price Shop
12600 Ath SD40-2, SD40T-2, C44-9W, AC4400 $66.95

12601 Ath/RPP GP60, GP60B, GP60M, GP40X $66.95

12602 Ath/RPP SD60, SD45-2, SD90 Mac, Ath. F59PH $66.95

12605 Ath GP38-2, GP40-2, GP50, GP60, AMD103 $66.95

12607 AthSD9, SD45, UC, E-unit, F45, FP45, SDP40 $66.95


Unique NEW system for adding weight and mounting can motor. Custom shaped lead weight is designed to fit many popular units. Easy to install - puts weight where you want it in the base of chassis. Motor is fixed to Cradle with silicon or double stick tape. It takes the guess work out of aligning motor to chassis.

Item # Description Price Shop
12400 Athearn SD40-2, T-2, C449-W, AC-4400 $6.95

12401 RPP GP60, GP60B, GP60M, GP40X $6.95

12402 RPP SD60, SD45-2, SD90MAC, F59PH $6.95

12403 Athearn GP35, GP30, GP20 $6.95

12404 Athearn F7 $6.95

12405 Athearn GP38, 40, 50, 60, AMD-103 $6.95

12406 RPP 8-40CW, 9-44CW $6.95

12407 Athearn SD45, UC, E-Unit, F&FP45, SDP45, SD-9RPP C32-8
RPP C30-7, C32-8

12408 Train Miniature, Walthers FA $6.95

12409 RPP SD-9 $6.95

12410 Athearn UB, RPP CF7, 8-40B $6.95

12411 RPP SD-38, 40, 45 $6.95

12412 Front Range & Trains Unlimited GP-7/9 $6.95


12413 Athearn Trainmaster $6.95


Item #


Price Shop
92020 Athearn Genesis Complete 7/9 Chassis - Advertised Limited Offer  - This chassis comes with FREE GP9 body $59.95
92021 Athearn Genesis GP7 Chassis & Front Range Body Non-Dynamic $63.95
92022 Athearn Genesis GP9 Chassis & Front Range Body - Non-Dynamic $63.95
44401-U C44-9W(Athearn) $22.50
57701-U E-Unit (57702 Frame is custom machined) E-unit sideframes available separately # 29300 $24.50
32401-U F 7,FT,F9 $10.00
53400-L F40PH (Chassis & frames are custom machined and include battery box and air tanks) $29.95
36501-U F45 $10.00
36505-L F45 Micro motor $15.00
54411-L FA, Train Miniature, Walthers, Model Power Shark $13.95
37501-U FP45 $10.00
39901-U GP 7/9 (Front Range) $34.95
31600-L GP 9 $28.95
51101-U GP30 $20.00
42301-U GP35 Athearn $10.00
52801-U GP38-2 $11.25
52551-U GP60/50/GP40-2 $11.25
33800-L PA $11.50
56621-U SD40-2 $32.95
83102-U SD40T-2 $32.95
41901-U SD45,SDP-40 $10.00
37300-L SW 7,S12 $48.95
37400-L SW1500/SW1000 $35.95
34500-L U25B Stewart $10.00
34601-U UB $10.00
35501-U UC $10.00


High quality 12 volt, double shaft Mashima motors are the choice of performance oriented modelers for their repowering needs. Mashima Can Motors offer an excellent fit in most locomotives with two sizes available. The 5 pole, skewed armature is the key to smooth, quiet, low speed operation (as low as 2 scale mph) as well as increased torque and power. Low current draw allows multiple unit operation without overloading most power packs as well as excellent compatibility with advanced command control systems. Choose a matching flywheel set from A-Line's comprehensive assortment of Precision Machined Brass Flywheels. The shorter body #40322 motor is also excellent for repowering many HO scale steam locomotives.

Item # Picture Description Price Shop
40321 Mashima 1833 Flat Can $49.95

40322 Mashima 1824 Flat Can $49.95

Can motor, size 18 mm X 38 mm, 2.0 mm shafts, 1200 RPM $49.95

30321 Holland Micro Motor $36.95

40323 Mashima 1220 Can $46.95

40324 Mashima 1630 Can $46.95

These new Mashima motors (40323 & 40324) have the same great features as our original motors.   They have excellent torque, power and low speed characteristics. They are great for narrow gauge locos, N-Scale and many other applications where smaller size is important.

Item # Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Speed (rpm) Current (ma) Shaft (mm)
40321 33 18 23 8,500 90 2.0
40322 24 18 23 9,200 80 2.0
40323 20 12 14 17,000 50 1.5
40324 30 13 16 11,000 70 2.0
30321 40 29 -- 3,700 48 3.0

All motors are rated @ 12 VDC   (Conversion Factor 1 mm X .04 = inches)


Among the most critical components when repowering your locomotives are quality flywheels. As a general rule of thumb, use the largest flywheel(s) that you can fit into your repowering project. A-LINE flywheels are custom precision machined to our specifications from quality brass stock. Concentricity is held to within one-thousandth of an inch (.001") for smooth, quiet operation. A-LINE flywheels are drilled and reamed to allow a slip fit onto motor shafts for easier positioning during installation or removal. Slip fit flywheels set with A-LINE flywheel cement are superior to their press fit counter-parts because there is no chance of damaging the motor during mounting. Each flywheel includes Athearn coupling and mounting instructions. Each package contains 2 flywheels.

Item # Picture Description Price Shop
20004 Fits: Holland Micro Motor when used in Athearn F7,F45 & FP45, Cary F & E Units, Bachmann F9, Model Power/AHM E units and other car body units $8.95


CLICK HERE for Matching Drive Lines


20006 Fits: Mashima and other can motors when used in scale width hood units such as; Atlas, Athearn, SD40-2, SD40T-2, GP40, etc., Mantua GP20, Bachmann GP30, DDA40X & BQ23-7, AHM RS-2 & SD40 & stock motored Atlas units. Also fits many scale width hood brass imports, plastic Rail Power Products and other plastic diesels. $10.50

20013 Fits: Cannon motors with 2.4 mm shafts.  Same applicationa as 20021. $8.95

20021 Fits: Mashima and other can motors when used in Athearn S12 & SW's and narrow hood units with a short wheelbase such as AHM Alco 1000. Also fits in many steam repowering applications. $10.50

20040  Click here to see Trolley Flywheel. Bowser Trolley Flywheel Kit contains one brass flywheel, all new replacement couplings and complete instructions on how to install the kit into the Bowser Trolley Mechanism (chassis) using the stock Bowser motor.  $8.95


Item # A (Small End) B - Height C - Length Shaft
20004 -- 1" 1/2" 3.0 mm
20005 Hex -- 5/8" 15/32" 2.0 mm
20006 -- 21/32" 11/16" 2.0 mm
20013 5/8" 11/16" 3/8" 2.4 mm
20021 5/8" 11/16" 3/8" 2.0 mm

 Power truck prices will be going up, so current listed prices may
may be different than listed.

Item #


Price Shop
40000 Worm gear set (pair) for power trucks - Includes worms, nylon washers, square bearings and worm caps for all chassis EXCEPT Switchers.
Power trucks do not include worm assemblies, must be bought separately.
Click on Item # to view parts.
40001 Worm gear set (pair) for power trucks - Includes worms, nylon washers, square bearings and worm caps for all Switcher chassis.
Power trucks do not include worm assemblies, must be bought separately.
40005 Axle gears (replaces cracked Athearn Blue Box-RTR, P2K, Walthers drive axle gears) - 6 ea per pkg $7.95
34702-1 8-40B (RPP) (34702 & 34702-1 include RPP FB2 sideframes) $32.50
43102-1 8-40CW (RPP) (43102 & 43102-1 include Smokey Valley GSC sideframes) $34.50
46902-1 9-44CW (RPP) Note! 46902 & 46902-1 include RPP sideframes) $32.50
49440-0 AC4400(Athearn) $32.95
34021-2 B23-7 (RPP) $32.95
42010-0 BQ23-7(Bachm) $32.95
34212-3 C30-7/C32-8(RPP) $29.95
49440-0 C44-9W(Athearn) $28.50
42010-0 CF 7 (RPP) $32.95
29300-0 E-Unit - trucks include side frames with separate hangers, brake cylinders and different style journal boxes. $59.90
42010-0 F 7,FT,F9 $32.95
46010-0 F40PH $32.95
40024-5 F45 $29.95
40024-5 F45 Micro motor $29.95
34021-2 FA, Train Miniature, Walthers, ModelPower Shark $32.95
40024-5 FP45 $29.95
42010-0 GP 7/9 (FR) $32.95
42010-0 GP 9 $32.95
42010-0 GP30 $32.95
42010-0 GP35 (RPP) $32.95
42010-0 GP35 Athearn $32.95
46010-0 GP38-2 $32.95
52663-1 GP40X RPP (#52663 & #52663-1 include RPP GP40X Sideframes) $32.50
46010-0 GP60, (RPP) $32.95
46010-0 GP60/50/GP40-2 $32.95
46010-0 GP60B (RPP) $32.95
33226-7 PA $28.50
38019-0 SD 7/9 (RPP) $29.95
44011-2 SD40-2 $32.95
44011-2 SD40T-2 $32.95
40024-5 SD45,SDP-40 $29.95
40024-5 SD45/40/38(RPP) $29.95
44011-2 SD45-2 (RPP) $29.95
44011-2 SD60/60M (RPP) $32.95
44011-2 SD90 Mac (RPP) $32.95
41023-4 SW 7,S12 $28.50
39021-2 SW1500 $28.50
34021-2 U25B Stewart $32.95
34021-2 UB $32.95
34212-3 UC $29.95


Assorted Repowering Parts - See Details Below

Item # Picture Description Price Shop
12020 Motor Mounting Tape (8 ea)
To isolate motor vibrations from the chassis, this urethane foam tape should be used between the motor and Proto Power West Leaded Frames. Strong adhesive is applied to both sides of the tape for a durable bond

12030 Universal Joints & Coupling Assortment -
Universal coupling assortment can be used for any of your repowering projects. 22 piece kit includes assorted male and female universal joints and various length splines molded in Delrin plastic. Replacements for Athearn drive line components and will also work with Aline flywheels. This kit is excellent for replacing early steam and diesel models that used plastic tubing to connect the drive line. Kit will do at least two locos.

20010 Flywheel Cement
This slow curing compound was designed by Loctite specifically for cylindrical part bonding to provide an extremely strong bond while facilitating time for precise flywheel positioning on motor shafts. (sets in about 5 minutes.)(.02 fI. oz.)

12031 Coupling Kit
These universal coupling components are made with metals shafts (3/32" diameter rod X 4" long) they will do very long and also short wheelbase locos. Where as the #12030 kit will do the majority of all the other locos. This kit will do one loco.

12032 Coupling Kit - Hex Drive
Aline Universal Hex Drive Couplings will work with most hex flywheels.
Slide hex end on square shaft, cut to length, glue. Simple and easy.

Coupling Kit - Hex Drive
Hex Female Worm Coupling shaft size 3/32" dia. (worm gear not included)

12040 Electrical Hook-Up Kit
Eliminate the most unreliable link in the electrical path on your stock or repowered Athearn loco-motives with this easy-to-install electrical connection retrofit. Kit includes pre-cut, high quality, multi-stranded flexible insulated instrument wire truck tab connectors and frame ground eyelet. Contains enough material for two units. Requires minor soldering.

12041 Electrical Hook-Up Wire (2ft). $4.50

12052 Long Spline Shaft (6 ea)
Longer than standard Athearn shafts, they can be cut to any length.

12053 Brass Sleeve 2mm diameter X 3/32  OD (4 ea) $8.95

12054 Ball Couplings (6 ea) $4.50

12055 Ground Eyelets (20 ea) $4.75


Tuning & Upgrading Athearn Locomotives from Railmodel Journal magazine is an indispensable source of repowering tips and techniques that will make your locomotives run like you never thought possible. Detailed procedures (many of which were developed and written by Joe D'Elia Jr.) describe the proper use of many A-LINE repowering products as well as critical tips for tuning the original Athearn components used in the repowered chassis. Also includes articles on super detailing, painting and adding weight to HO scale diesel locomotives. For modelers of all skill levels. 92 pages, soft cover.

Item # Picture Description Shop
12051 Bk-Repower.jpg (334075 bytes) REPOWERING "HOW TO BOOK"
by Railmodel Journal Magazine
Item # 12051 - $7.95
Click here to Purchase

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